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White Paper: Eight Threats to Investment Portfolio Performance 

The last decade has been a challenge for many investors, especially those investing for the long-term and retirement. Given declines in global stock markets, many investors have seen little to no real growth in their portfolios over this period. For example, $10,000 invested in the S&P 500 Market Index in 2000 was worth only $9,090 at the end of 2009. And this does not take into account inflation, investment fees or taxes. 

This White Paper explains why investors' portfolios may underperform in both bear and bull markets and incur substantial costs in the process. It also details the impact this chronic underperformance can have on achieving long-term financial goals. 

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White Paper: The Informed Investor

Many people today are facing difficult choices in achieving their financial goals and are asking serious questions. This paper will help you see through the noise of the marketplace in order to systematically make smart decisions about your money.

Because educated investors are the most successful investors, we have created The Informed Investor to show you a Noble Prize-winning approach crafted to optimize your investment portfolio over time. 

In this White Paper, you'll learn how to take a comprehensive approach to your financial life, how to rise above the noise, and most importantly - five key concepts for financial success.

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Article: Two Threats to Investment Portfolio Performance

Threat One: The Expenses of Active Management

Most of us would like to beat the market, but as we'll explore in this article, even many professional money managers have had a hard time performing better than the market. To understand why, it's helpful to begin with some definitions. 

Active investors (and active money managers) attempt to outperform stock market rates of return by actively trading individual stocks and/or engaging in market timing deciding when to be in and out of the market. Those investors who simply purchase "the market" through index or asset class mutual kinds are called passive or "market" investors. 

Threat Two: Manage Active Mutual Fund Managers Have Failed to Beat the Market

Over the five-year cycle from 2005 to 2009, the vast majority of active mutual funds underperformed the stock and bond markets. While some managers were able to beat the market, this raises the question: was it luck or skill?

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